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A women-owned cooperative store

Brazil & Co. was funded by Brazilian women who arrived in Sweden in recent years and found entrepreneurship as a way to reinvent themselves.

Social sustainability

A Swedish research group recently published that cooperative companies are the key to a sustainable economy around the year 2050. At Brazil & Co. Multistore, we believe in strength in numbers! Together we can do anything!

Brazilian community

Our mission is to preserve and spread Brazilian culture in Sweden, while strengthening our relationship with the community. Through food, events, networking and education we want to make sure Brazilians are never alone in this cold country.

Woman empowerment

Most Brazilian women have to give away their own careers when they move to Sweden. We give these women power to professionalize themselves for the Swedish market, by offering short-term, hassle free store space rentals.

A small piece of Brazil in Stockholm

Immersible shopping experience

Here you find genuine Brazilian warmth, smells, tastes and good conversation

Convenient selection of products

You can buy everything you need in one place

Hand-picked selection

of Brazilian products


Cruelty-free body and hair products directly from Brazil, with ingredients from the Amazon.

Traditional sweets

Hand-made bakes that taste just like Brazil – no artificial colorings or flavorings.

Frozen food

We keep our freezer stocked with frozen finger foods like coxinha, cheese bread, cassava and much more!

Grocery items

The items your local grocery store are missing, like cassava flour, tapioca, cheese bread mix and more!


Our seamstress Lanay is our fashion specialist and can fix almost everything: from jeans pants to curtains.

Looking for something?

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We try to keep the list updated, but have in mind that some products might be out of stock by the time you visit us.


We want every customer to remember us

“An amazing store with excellent service and a lot of variety of Brazilian products, is it possible for more than 5 stars?”

Andressa Costa

“Amazing personnel, delicious sweets and great variety of Brazilian articles, including clothes, and cosmetics. Worth a visit!”

Patricia Pettersson

“I loved all the products I bought at Brazil & Co, very good quality. The service is great and the events are always very well organized and interesting. I’m a customer and I recommend.”

Juliana Queiroz

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